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Giant Eagle Owl

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banyan walk peacock

I don't know why I have such a passion for wildlife birds
I suppose it's because I get to see them often at this little zoo
down in the Canyons, where I take my daughter almost every week.
They have owls, hawks & eagles and the peacock run free in the park.
I love to collect their feathers when they begin to loose them.
This peacock painting reminds me of our park and some of the trees there.


salt spring sheep

I love sheep and lambs... this is a wonderful painting.

Female Cardinal in the Snow

Male Cardinal and sumac

I so wished we had cardinals in California...they are such a beautiful
bird. The top female bird is a yellow color and of course like all birds,
the bottom red bird is the male Cardinal. The males always being brighter in
color and plumage. I have several other Wildlife Artists I enjoy. Daniel Smith
being at the top too. I hope you enjoyed these paintings! On to a couple other
Artists I admire.

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