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Cloth and Clay Doll with clay face

Here is a picture of my doll, after I put her clay face on.
This is my first time working with clay. I had fun with it.

Cloth and Clay Doll

This is the back view on my doll, I love the texture
in the hair.

Cloth and Clay Doll

Here is the side shows the dimensional look
of the face

Cloth and Clay Doll

A close up of her face....Isn't she homely...hahah...

Cloth and Clay Doll

I've added her arms and legs and painted her a flesh
color. Most of the gals used black, but I wanted to try a nature
shade first.

Cloth and Clay Doll

Now she is completely painted with Acrylic paints
Next I will make clothes for her.

My First Finished Cloth and Clay Doll

My Finished Doll with clothes....
I call her Miz Lucy *Lavender* Louanne.

Doll 2:: Doll 3:: Doll 4:: coming soon

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