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A great little recipe from my friend Michele!

Corn Mango Salsa ~ Yummy

¼ red onion - minced

½ fresh pineapple – trimmed, cored & diced fine

2 jalapeños – trimmed, cored, seeded & diced fine

2 mangos – peeled & diced fine

3 tomatoes – seeded & diced

5 ears fresh sweet corn – shucked & kernels cut whole from the cob

2 limes – hand juiced (w/ some pulp)

Fresh cilantro leaves (sometimes called coriander), chopped fine.

Salt (Kosher, if you have it), to taste

(you need the salt to bring the flavors out!)

Fresh cracked black pepper, to taste (not much)

1 tablespoon olive oil - optional


Thanks Michele for the Recipe

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