Two Friends Sharing a Cup of Tea

Friendship Poems

Sit down for a spell, let me pour you a cup of tea.
Let's become friends and enjoy each other's company...while you're here,
take a few moments to read some of my favorite Friendship Poems and Love Songs!

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Midi: PureLove

Thank you for stopping by... come again soon...
as I will be adding more of my pleasures in life.

Friendship Blinkie

were found either by web surfing free sites,
through sharing groups, and/or images I have scanned
from cards or tubed myself. 
I only claim the stationery and tags I've made with them.

TERMS: Please DO NOT take my Oil Paintings!
If you would like to use one for stationery, please email me for permission.
Do Not re-assemble my stationery/tags/backgrounds or my oil paintings.
By downloading my stationery/backgrounds and anything I offer
here for FREE... means you agree to my terms.
Thank You!

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