Picture of Steve Hanks

I haven't met one person that doesn't enjoy Steve Hank's Watercolors.
He has such a way with his palette and his lighting! I've played
with watercolors and have no clue, how he does it. I would love to take
a workshop from him or just watch him paint one day! One of my dreams!
Here are just a couple of my favorites! Enjoy~

All Gone Awry

"All Gone Awry" is the name of this painting.
At church I walk by the baby class, when picking my daughter
up from Sunday School.
I sometimes wonder if the volunteer's feel this way,
when they have a full house of babies. (smile)
Such a Blessing! A NEW LIFE!

moment of reflection

I have NO IDEA how he acheives such detail with his watercolors
and such sutle colors. His paintings of women are so amazing and sensual.

Finding yourself world


Dancing Shore

Steve Hanks often uses the ocean - its vastness, mystery,
rhythms - as a motif for his sensitive and evocative images.
Measured against such overwhelming grandeur we individuals,
the artist informs us, must struggle for our own sense of significance,
for a place in the world. As this woman sees her reflection in the water,
this journey of discovery begins with one tentative step. She is surrounded
by the immensity of nature, by a great unknown. With the passage of time,
and with desire and curiosity, you can feel confident this search
for identity will be successful.

Picture of Steve Hanks new book

This is the front cover of Steve Hanks new book,
called Moving On. I think it's cheapest at Amazon.com

angel gate

angels outdoor

I adore his ANGEL paintings too. They are fabulous.

Cat & Pumpkin

Can you believe the lighting on this painting and the reflection!

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