This painting has been very popular!
I was commissioned to paint the first one, by
my friend Janice, she took several pictures of the hibiscus
in her garden and wanted me to paint it for her cousin, for
a present. Then I had other commissions for the same flower,
several times over. I finally painted one for my daughter,
for her birthday. It was a fun painting, each time it was a little
different. I may do it again some day.(smile)


Sequestered in their wiry pods,
the hibiscus opened last night after a long silence.

While we mimicked stones in our shared bed,
the big lusty blooms burst into being,
half-human and full as the moon.

We practice avoidance this morning;
a marriage of papery faces nods in the sun~
ox-blood, pearl and the pink-throated one~

Their enviable tongues already discovered by the bees.

Jennifer Wallace
(is a teacher at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore)

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