This is a painting I did for my oldest friend, Debbie.
I met her in the first grade and we have remained friends
ever since. She now lives on the East Coast and I the West
Coast, but with email and free long distance, not more than
a week goes by, without a hello, how are you *smile*

She sent me several different pictures of her animals
and her pasture. And this is the composition,
I came up with for this finished painting.
Some of her horses and one of her
goats, didn't make it in the picture, nor did her chickens,
dogs, cats, birds and other wonderful creatures.

Isn't this a lovely place live, in the Country
in Maryland. If you visit the Jax Applet I did
for a Design Class, you can see one of the photos
I used, to paint this painting.

Thanks for viewing my oil paintings.

Debbie runs a cageless boarding kennel for dogs,
if you live in the Maryland ~ DC area, and would
like to board your dog, I highly suggest
her place Bed and Bones view her website to read
all about it or make reservations.

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