My Oil Paintings!
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to take you, where you'd like to go!

My Hibiscus Painting

Moonlight Serenade

In Hawaii

Call My Sheep Home

My Seascape


Jax in the snow (applet)

Seascape for Bonnie

The Cottage

Lily pad

My Horses

The Pathway

Friends On the Beach

Goose Girl

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coming soon

coming soon

coming soon

coming soon

coming soon

coming soon

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were found either by web surfing free sites,
through sharing groups, and/or images I have scanned and/or tubed myself. 
I only claim the stationery and tags I've made with them.

TERMS: Please DO NOT take my Oil Paintings!
If you would like to use one for stationery, please email me for permission.
Do Not re-assemble my stationery/tags/backgrounds or my oil paintings.
By downloading my stationery/backgrounds and anything I offer
here for FREE... means you agree to my terms.
Thank You!

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