Dear Paul Newman

After all these years
it's over between you and me.
There's a younger man. I get to see him five times a week
and he tries to bring me the world.
I worried a lot about your racing
in them fast cars, your beer drinking,
the fact that the color of your eyes
is fading a little with age.
Them eyes always reminded me of Ed Kozelka
who sat next to me in American History.
When you and Ed turned them blues on me,
it sure made my pilot light blaze up.
When reporters asked why you was
faithful to Joanne, you once said,
"Why should I go out for hamburgers
when I can have steak at home?"
Now that Joanne is looking so plain,
I wonder if you are going to Wendy's.
Paul baby, it was fun, and
I'll never forget your spaghetti sauce.
I gotta move on.
I'm the same age as you, but in the dark
George Clooney will never notice.
Marie Kennedy Robins

Ever notice that the older women get.... WE begin looking like the dogs we choose to live with? LOL


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