One Of my Favorite Artists is
Arleta Pech

Alerta Pech - Apple Blossom Time

Oil Painting is my favorite hobby.... Art is my Passion!

Arleta Pech is an amazing watercolor painter.

I myself paint mostly in oil,
so I appreciate a good watercolor painting.
As I know how difficult they are to paint!

The whole process is completely different in this medium.

Step inside and view some beautiful paintings!
by Arleta Pech!
or visit her web-site by clicking on her name!


Cluster of Peony by Arleta Pech

This painting is called Cluster of Peony
I resized it, it's alot smaller than the orginial painting,
but I wanted to show the lighting on the flower...
just wonderful.

Grandma's Gift ~ by Arleta Pech

Grandma's Gift ~ I resized this about 50%....
just to make downloading of the pages easier.

Bit of Lace by Arleta Pech

I love Arleta Pech's yellow roses, they are so bright and gorgeous!
If you would like to see more of her yellow roses....visit her web-site.
Link is above.

To Visit some of my paintings...
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