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Red Roses~ by Arleta Pech

I thought I would share two pages of Arleta Pech watercolors
with you....they are so amazing.

Don't you just love the above image....virtual red roses all the time!
This light shining on the brass heart vase is stunning, with the reflection of
the lace! How Arleta Pech captures such reality in watercolor is amazing.

I've resized the next three paintings to half their size.

Summer Last Blush ~ by Arleta Pech

Silver Hydrangea ~ by Arleta Pech

Summer Splender ~ by Arleta Pech

The picture below Heirloom Memories, is so lovely! Arleta has a real since
of light in her watercolors. Some of her tablecloths and lace are amazing.

Heirloom Memories ~ by Arleta Pech

The Picture below is called Hydrangea Sprinkles.

Hydrangea Sprinkles ~ by Arleta Pech

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