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Thomas Kinkade's Painting

"The Good Shepherd's Cottage" is an allegory in paint,
an image of the Lord returning to call in His faithful.
His house is an utterly comfortable and secure cottage,
radiant with light. The air is luminous with sunset;
the sound of His voice thrilling as He calls His sheep
into a verdant meadow.

-- Thomas Kinkade --

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I could look at Thomas Kinkade's paintings all day.
they are so peaceful. He's been called *The Painter of Light*
for many years. One of my wishes (dreams) in life, would be...
to sit and watch him paint.

My Version of Thomas Kinkade's Painting

As you can see, my version of "The Good Shepherd's Cottage"
is much more colorful. I love color and I didn't want MY painting
to be just like, Thomas Kinkade's famous painting.
I can tell by looking at it right now... I need some work on my
architecture, lol, my cottage is leaning!
I didn't add as many sheep to my painting either.
I always try and change a few my paintings, if I paint
from a graphic or someone else's paintings.

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