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Grandpa's helper!

I love Tom Sierak, I was recently acquainted with his work, when
I got my computer about 8 years ago. He reminds me of a modern day
Norman Rockwell, whom I've always admired. Possibly because I know
how hard it is to paint the human form in day to day living situations.

Painting tomorrow’s memories today”...
that’s how Tom Sierak likes to describe his pastel paintings.

Note: Pastels must never be confused with colored chalk.
Chalk is a limestone substance impregnated with dyes.
Pastel is sometimes combined with watercolor, gouache, acrylic,
charcoal or pencil to create a "mixed medium" painting.

Pastels are made from the same pigments used for oil paints.
Instead of oils, a binding agent is added to the pigments to
create a chalk like stick, which is applied to a textured
surface, usually paper. Available in many vibrant colors,
pastels maintain their just painted look indefinitely,
unlike oils, which can crack and darken over time.

......“It’s an unfamiliar medium to a number of people,
and I ’d like to do my part to help change that,”
says Sierak”.....

I have only attempted pastels once and although they are like
oil painting, where you paint darks first and then light,
I haven't tried it again. I don't know why. I have all the tools.

Drinking Buddies!


reflecting 3

This painting reminds me of high school. Two of my friends and I, lived on the
beach. It was fun back then. Now I try and stay out of the sun.


This painting reminds me of my daughter, Christine and my youngest
granddaughter, Andrea.
She was almost this same age, when Christine was pregnant with Marc.


The shadows and light in this painting are amazing.

When you look at some of Tom Sierak's paintings...don't they remind
you of someone you know?

Cats Cradle

The top painting reminds me of my grandkids. Course I'm not as old
as that granny...Didn't you love to play Cat's Cradle when you were young...
kids today miss so many fun games that don't cost anything,
because they are too busy with all the high tech tv games, that are out now.

The painting below reminds me of my grandkids, Andrea and Marc.
Always up to something, or in something they shouldn't be.
I guess that comes from having siblings, lol.
I was an only child and never did anything sneaky.
I always asked for permission first...*dull and boring*

Partners in Crime


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