~A Thanksgiving Prayer~

Thank you God for letting me take part
in this fascinating journey called life,
thank you for each sunrise and sunset
and for the magic of your incredible universe.

Thank you Lord for beautiful flowers,
for birds of song, for the ability to love
and be loved and for my reasonable good health.

Thank you God for good friends,
good books, beautiful works of art
and special things you do for me
everyday of my life.

Thank you Lord for life's simple pleasures:
a nice trip, a breath taking vista,
a good movie, a tasty meal, and the ability
to dance and listen to beautiful music.

Thank you Lord for the ability to
help others in their time of need,
for rays of sunshine, for flickering stars
and for each warm and friendly smile.

Thank you Lord for keeping our
family together through good and bad times
and for the bond between parents and children,
brothers and sisters, husbands and wives.

But most of all,
Thank you Lord for the privilege
of being well and alive at this moment
and for giving me the ability
to share these humble words of praise.

Author Unknown

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