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~~This is my first attempt at painting with acrylic paints!~~
My daughter flushed a rubber *GUMBY* down the toilet and
it flooded the house one day, while we were gone.
While waiting for constuction people, I decided to paint on the
newly painted walls in my daughter's bedroom with murals.
I love Mary Engelbreit so I had to paint something from one of her
magazines. You can go to her website, by clicking HERE
I had NO IDEA that acrylic paint, dries so fast! I've always used oil
paints. The mediums are very different.
I had started her room with the mural below FIRST and then
I moved on to this challenge, as you can see, it's as tall as the room.
This mural remains unfinished at the moment *smile*

daisy Precious Moments Wall Mural daisy

~~Precious Moments~~
I've always enjoyed the Precious Moments children/dolls
If you are new to them, just do a Google Search, there are
several web-sites out there with Precious Moments.

I wanted to paint something that my daughter would like.
This was a black and white graphic in a coloring book, that I
found. So all the colors I did on my own. The hair and eye color
resemble my daughter, LISA'S alburn color and her hair cut and style.
We go to the park several times a week and Lisa loves
to feed the ducks and geese.

My camera for some reason, will NOT take a good picture of this mural.
It must have something to do with it being the NORTH wall or the mirrored
wall that faces West, next to it. No matter how many pictures I've taken
or this mural, they all come out the same. with these LINES from the shadow
of the light, hitting the mirror on the wall. ANYWAY, you get the idea.

I like how this mural turned out, except for I had a difficult time working with
the acrylics. I couldn't get use to the drying factor, however now I've
learned there are materials to use to make the paints dry slower.
A close up below, it really is a lovely mural and almost life size!

daisy Precious Moments Wall Mural ~ Close Up daisy

May the Blessings of Everyday Life....put a smile on your face!

Thanks For Visiting!

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daisy daisy daisy

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